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How Important is Toolpath to You?
Where SmartCAM CAD/CAM Software is unparalleled is in toolpath manipulation. There is NO CAM product in existence that is as versatile at this. Because all SmartCAM toolpath (including holes) are created as a type of geometry element, every single toolpath segment can easily be edited/modified/sorted/re-ordered per your necessity or desire. In this regard, SmartCAM is the best CAM product in the world.

Chris K., SmartCAM User


The SmartCAM Difference

Every CAD/CAM Software system allows you to import CAD data, draw geometry and create automated toolpath operations, and of course SmartCAM can do that as well.

But what if you need to:

  • Edit Resulting Toolpath?
  • Change CAD geometry into Toolpath geometry?
  • Reorder the toolpath?
  • Resequence the toolpath?
  • Mix automated processes that need some editing?
  • Automate and customize your interface with macros?
  • Make changes to your post processor?

With SmartCAM Toolpath Modeling, all toolpath elements are treated as geometry, whether created manually or with SmartCAM's robust, automated toolpath creation tools, allowing complete manipulation in just the same way as model geometry elements.

So if you need to do any of these, then you need Toolpath Modeling, and SmartCAM is the only CAD/CAM Software that provides it.

THAT is The SmartCAM Difference. CAD/CAM Software that allows you to do what you need to do.